Leader Lab has established in Hong Kong since 1998. It helps enterprises continuously grow by building competitive advantages using business software systems. Nowadays, enterprises are not only facing the rapid change of business model, from traditional offline business to online business (O2O), but also needing to extend their branches in multiple countries. We have established offices in Hong Kong, China and Singapore for helping the enterprises growing their business to Asian & China Market with our latest O2O ERP solutions.

We have developed a series of business software packages, offered custom-made services and integrated systems for various departments. For the corporate customers, we also provide secondment and department outsource services. It helps customers to recruit appropriate IT talents, therefore ensures the software project successfully implemented in long term.

Thanks for our clients and referral partners below. Most of our customers are referred from our IT & CPA partners. We treasure customer relationship and offer excellent services to satisfy customer needs. If you would like to grow your business, welcome to discuss with us. We will study your current situations and offer feasible suggestions to you. We are looking forward to have long term partnership with you.

Highest performance at the lowest cost!

We have accumulated system experiences in various industries. And as for the local needs, we have developed a series of different sectors’ business software and implemented a number of mature and widely Open Source solutions for customers. Through experienced developers integrated system solutions of various departments, companies can get the most benefit at the lowest cost. Our services are not only selling software but also giving consultancy advices, system tuning, on-line implementing and long-term follow-up supporting and improving.

Your business needs a unique character!

Your business needs a unique model or too old must be upgraded, we can provide customized software services and Data Migration Services. No matter Web & Mobile Apps and specially environmental designed management software for the enterprises, our experienced System Analysts are good at business logic, financial accounting, law and the latest system architecture of all walks of life can help design and go over to the new system.

No talent for planning the information system!

Company wants to globalize or is ready to be listed, however, information systems are obsoleted or operated by manual. We can conduct a feasibility study for you, provide advice on the implementation plans, develop system requirements, tender processes and recruit software system professionals, in order to meet your company’s business development. Enable your enterprise’s information system at a reasonable cost in long-term.

You are a market leader in the your industries!

If you do not want to be eliminated by the rapid development of Internet ship and lose the advantages, we can be alliance with you and join with you to develop a new Internet model development system for your industry through appropriate equity allocation, multi-stage fund-raising plan, subversion of the industry business model, market sharing, production of high-expansion of the market value and being in the list for the target.

Award as Friendly Employer

Leader Lab was awarded a “Partner Employer Award” by Mr. Matthew CHEUNG, GBS, JP, Secretary of the Labor and Welfare Bureau in 2014

Knowledge Transfer to SME

Leader Lab was invited by the Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association (RTIA) and the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC), for providing seminar to SME on the topic “Retail Cloud Technology” in 2015.

Free Software System for Charity Organization

Leader Lab sponsors the accounting and receipt system to charity organization “Seeds of Art Charity Foundation” in 2013-2016

Placement to University Graduate

Leader Lab was accredited by the Labor Department of HKSAR, for providing workplace attachment training opportunities to university students in 2013.

Employing people with Disabilities

Leader Lab was accredited by the Selective Placement Division of Labor Department of HKSAR, for employing people with disabilities in 2014.

Business Consultant to SME

Leader Lab was appointed by the Junior Chamber International Apex, as a business consultant to the startup companies in 2015, 2016.